Horse Trainers

Do you need a horse trainer? Tolland Falls doesn’t employ horse trainers, but boarders are encouraged to invite the trainer that best suitsHorse Trainers at Tolland Falls Equestrian Center his/her needs to the farm. Or, feel free to select from one of the trainers currently giving lessons and providing training services to other Boarders at the facility.

“Trainers are considered to be guests of the Boarder. Trainers are not agents, representatives or employees of Tolland Falls Ventures, Inc. All Trainers are required to sign a Trainer Agreement with Tolland Falls, which includes a release of liability, a certificate of insurance and acknowledgement and acceptance of Tolland Falls’ Barn Rules and Policies. Trainers may not provide any training services until all such documents are executed and received by Tolland Falls.”

Horse Trainers at Tolland Falls PhotoTolland Falls does not accept remuneration of any kind from trainers or other professionals working at the facility. Nor does Tolland Falls provide trainers with any privileges whatsoever. Trainers are selected and employed by the Boarder for the sole benefit of enhancing their enjoyment with their horse. In their role as a professional, a trainer may make use of the facility and its amenities only while they are providing training or lesson services to a Boarder. This policy is consistently applied for all professionals providing services on the property including vets, blacksmiths and persons providing grooming services such as body clipping, etc.

To obtain a list of trainers that regularly visit the facility or information on upcoming clinics, please contact us at 303.688.8725 or email Manager at TollandFalls dot com.


Tolland Falls Equestrian Center now offers a “haul-in” program. For lessons only, riders may haul-in for their lesson, but must remain under the supervision of a trainer at all times. We take safety seriously and want to control traffic in the arenas and on the property to create the best experience.

This new program costs $100.00 per month and must be paid in advance to access Tolland Falls. Access is restricted to no more than four visits in each calendar month. The package runs from the 1st to the 30th of each month and cannot be carried over month-to-month. All haul-in clients must sign a Release document before unloading. They also must acknowledge that they understand and agree to abide by all barn rules, as set forth by Tolland Falls.

If you are interested in this program please contact Cynda Dyer (303) 210-2433 or Sarah Watson (203) 470-4521 for additional information.