Meadowbrook: Affordable Worry Free Care for Non-Show Horses

Meadowbrook, in partnership with Tolland Falls Ventures, was created to offer an economical, guilt-free solution that provides the same great care as our training facility, but at a price point that is reflective of a more relaxed program than what is need for horses preparing for competition. Meadowbrook features a quite setting for clients that enjoy trail riding (there is no riding arena at Meadowbrook) or for those horses that are in, or near to, full retirement and perhaps have a need for specialized feeding programs or other monitoring. We focus on taking the time and worry off of owners by offering a full range of services to ensure your equine’s comfort and safety and provide excellent all day turn-out for your equine friend with a small group of pasture mates.
Full Care Horse Retirement at Tolland Falls

Amenities at our Meadowbrook barn include:

  • Inside Stall at night
  • All Day Turn-Out with a small herd
  • Individual Tack Storage Locker
  • Twice daily feeding
  • Daily Stall Cleaning
  • Stalls bedded with Pine Shavings
  • Blanketing and Administration of Customer bagged Supplements
  • Grooming Stall
  • 2 Wash Stalls
  • Trail Riding Privileges on approximately 160 acres

We do offer grazing leases (full pasture board) on a limited basis determined upon the availability and current condition of our pastures. Please contact us if you are interested in this boarding option.

Full Care Horse Retirement PhotoPlease note: Although the Tolland Falls Equestrian Center and Meadowbrook are physically adjacent and they share the same trail system, the amenities of one facility do not cross over to the other. This insures that there is adequate capacity for the services offered and it insures fairness relative to the pricing of our services for all customers. Boarders may have individual horses at one or both facilities, but they only have the right to use the facilities at the location of each horse for that specific horse. Please note that it is our policy to give current boarders priority on admittance when an opening becomes available at either Tolland Falls or Meadowbrook.

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