Tolland Falls Equestrian Farm Update

Monday December 22, 2014

Today’s Temp: Noon: 40  Midnight: 23

Horses turned out?  Yes – unless on the “no turn-out when it snows list”

Notes: Expecting possible rain/snow mix today so horses may need to be brought in early

Turn-Out Blanket Code   

Clipped:  Yellow

Not Clipped: Red

Night Blanket Code

Main Barn Clipped: Stable Sheet

Main Barn Not Clipped: n/a

8-Stall Barn Clipped: Yellow

8-Stall Barn Not Clipped: Red

Meadowbrook Barn Clipped: n/a

Meadowbrook Barn Not Clipped: Red

Barn Doors (Open/Closed)

8-Stall Barn:  Closed

Meadowbrook Barn: Closed