The Tolland Falls equestrian facility includes all of the amenities expected by the discerning horse owner. The beautiful property, easily accessible from Denver or Colorado Springs, features functional barns, extraordinary pasture for turn-out, large arenas, fully managed care and trails for pleasure riding and conditioning.

Quick Tips & Expertise

From time to time we may offer helpful tips and advise to become a better rider, round out your experience and provide the best care possible for your horse.

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    The best decisions tend to happen when the decision was made knowing the trade-offs (pros and cons) of all of the options available to you.  It makes sense to make your selection of where your horse is going to live only after you have thought through and prioritized what amenities and services you want. And, […]

  • Relocating your Horse

    Relocating, or moving, is considered to be one of life’s most stressful activities.  If you are moving your family, and that family includes a horse, you have just intensified the experience exponentially.  This article is written to hopefully alleviate some of that stress by explaining how a horse travels, how to select a shipper, what […]